The digital Divide

I m currently on a visit to the USA as a participant in an International Visitor Leadership project entitled ` primary and Secondary Education ` the objectives of which are to provide an overview of primary and secondary education , politics , debates , advocacy , and regulation at the federal , state , local and grassroots levels , pedagogy , curriculum and everything involved in the American educational system.
One of the striking things I have noticed in our field visits to several schools is the advanced stages American schools have reached in integrating technology in teaching . Technological equipment is available in every classroom , computers , smart boards , video projectors ,software etc . Computer labs are well equipped and all the teachers I heve asked said they use technology in their classroom in one way or another .
I sadly think of my school where the only computer room isn`t available for students who badly need it to develop their skills and promote their learning , simply because the school principal is scared at the idea that if students get in the room ,they may damage one or more of the old computers (being damaged by time for the third year ) and his superiors would blame him for that . I thought to myself , the digital divide is not only that of technological materials and equipment , it is also that of the minds .



Dear Mbarek,
I'm sure you are having a great time in the USA and you've seen a lot. It's an invaluable experience. I wish I could do it.
I totally agree with you that everything is on the people's minds. It has happened to me before. The headmaster of my school didn't let anyone use the computer lab for fear of damaging the PCs. I explained to him that I know a lot about Educational Technology and that the ministry has supplied the PCs to our school for the students to use rather than being locked in the computer lab.
I believe that you can do the same. I'm sure that if the headmaster sees you in action he will change his mind. After all you are now a graduate of a Webskills class.


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