The last week of the course

Both programs ending on the same day ! What a coincidence ! These are the last moments of the online course I was taking at the American English Institute entitled Building Teachers Skills Through The Interactive Web which lasted for ten weeks . At the same time , these are the last moments of the International Visitors Program on elementary and secondary education in USA which lasted for three weeks . Both have been very interesting and informative and both have come to an end on the same day ! I could drop none of them . All I wished was to have enough time for both of them . Fortunately , I managed to carry on with both ! Sincerely it wasn`t that easy .Sometimes , I hardly found time to do my assignments I had to submit on Wednesdays and Sundays . Nevertheless , I was determined not to drop out of the course no matter what it cost me and here I am joyfully celebrating virtually my achievement and more determined than ever before to continue my struggle for integrating technology in my classroom . This course recharged my batteries to boost my struggle to put into practice what I have learnt during the course and along the trip .


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