hala nur said...

Dear Mbarek
Thank your for sharing with us your presentation. Excellent work, is it downloadable?

Mbarek said...

Thank you Hala for your encouraging words . Yes , you can download this presentation at authorstream .Just click on the title , you will get to its location on authorstream ? The downloading button is PPT on the right .

aveka said...

Dear Mubarek,

The video clip and the information below about WebQuest is quite informative and useful. Additionally, you reallt help us sharing visual aids on our area. Thank you.

ahmed said...

hello Mbarek,

congratulation,your blog is fantastic and helpful, i got the benefit of knowing a great deal infirmation about the WebQuest and other valuable EFL issues made in PPP. but i tried to download it but in vain, I have seen you reply to Hala, (you can download this presentation at authorstream) I think it is due to the economic embargo against Sudan. by the way I would like to know about the webheads if you have time. Any how thank you very much and I am expecting no embargo after the South Sudan secession- Whisper- this is what USA wants and no body can say no.


Dear Mbarek,
I always enjoy reading your posts. This power point presentation is explicit and shows a great understanding of webquests and their use. I'll download it (you said you don't mind). Thanks for sharing. Very kind of you.

Mbarek said...

Hi Ahmed and Angela ,
Thank you for your kind words . It's my great pleasure to share this presentation with you . This is the link to view or download it from googledocs in case authorstream in not accessible to you .

To tell you a little about Webheads , they are a virtual learning community of teachers from all over the world .They are a group of EVO ( English Village Online ) , SIG -CALL of TESOL . Since 2004 , Webheads have been conducting a 6 week online workshop for free for the benefit of participants from all the world before the annual TESOL convention .( reduced to 5 weeks this year ) .
By the way , we are at the last week of BAW 2011 ( Becoming A Webhead) . Please have a look at baw2011.pbworks.com to have an idea about this year session and the following link to have an idea about EVO Sessions

Robert Elliott said...

Hello Mbarek
Another great post, thanks! Did you create this for our class? Or is this from a previous presentation? I like that you are modeling how to embedd.

Mbarek said...
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Mbarek said...

Thank you Robert for your nice words .I like blogger and I explored its features in some blogs I had created .As for this presentation , I created it for a four week course I took last July on Webquests for Active Learning and I am glad to share it with you :-)

Marijana said...

Hi Mbarek, I am glad to have seen this post on Death by Power Point. Thank you for sharing!
I've just wanted to share one of mine ppt. on how to write a parody,it doesn't have many slides and I think it's rather simple,but want to ask your opinion.You can find it on https://docs.google.com/present/edit?id=0Af9wBUVaUkHmZGNxN2hwMzRfMTVmc3o3a2ZmNg&hl=en.
BTW , Can I post this video on my BLog too, for others to see, it's very informative and intersting! Thanks

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