ABCD Considerations in an ICT lesson plan

Planning a lesson in which new technologies are integrated needs more careful and skillful preparation than ordinary lessons. The teacher should take additional measures concerning his technological skills , those of his students , the hardware , the software , and the applications and the tools to be used in the lesson . Using the ABCD formula , an ICT lesson plan should consider the following points:

A = Audience :The teacher should be aware of the differences in mastering technological skills among students . Though they are all digital natives , some of them are more advanced than others in using the computer and the internet . In some countries such as Morocco , it's likely to come across digitally illiterate students in the classroom . A fact which must be considered in assigning tasks and making students work in teams and groups .

B- Behavior : In planning an ICT based lesson , the teacher should give clear instructions to students and be specific about the tasks the are asked to do .

C- Codition :The conditions of an ICT classroom should consider the following constituents :
  • The hardware : The teacher should check the availability of the tools to be used in the lesson such as the computers , the beamer , the interactive whiteboard , the network passwords and the compatibility of the running systems with the intended software to be used .
  • The software : The teacher should have an acceptable mastery of the software or the application to be used in the classroom . He should consider the copyright issue at the use of a digital resource . When the resource to be used is a website , website evaluation should precede introducing it to students . In the case of forums , students should be warned of the netiquette before they start posting publically .
  • The content of the digital resource should be pedagogically appropriate and graded to meet the objectives of the lesson .
D- Degree : The teacher should include in his lesson plan the way he intends to evaluate his students performance such as a well defined grid specifying the different levels of performance the suitable grades each will get .
A lesson plan which respects the ABCD forfula is likely to be successful as it takes into consideration the technological skills of the students , the preparation of the hardware and software , the digital content and the way of evaluation .


Juan Rivera said...

That's a pretty thorough explanation of all the considerations we need to take when creating a technology-enhanced lesson plan. I think you are right, it is more complex. Well, lots of that has to do with the fact that it's something new. We think things will get a easier after using this type of planning for a while.

Good post!

Aysel said...

Very good points raised here. We all agree that using technology is something beneficial but it must be handled carefully. I agree with necessity for considering students proficiency in computer/internet related skills because in my country (Turkey) as well there are computer-illiterate students. I also believe that students should be informed well about the ethics of publishing through the net. Depending on my own experiences, I remember students who were supposed to write their own essays on a given topic, but were just copying/pasting the essays published somewhere on the net without giving any reference to the original author. So they must be informed about plagiarism. I think this is a part of netiquette as well.
Thank you for this summary of the considerations to be taken in tech-enhanced lessons

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