Delicious or not Delicious ?

The news which spread last December that Delicious was to be closed made Delicious fans panic and stampede for alternatives for their favorite social bookmarking service.Though Yahoo declared later that Delicious was to be sold not shut down , lots of Delicious users remained suspicious and continued to look for the best alternative to Delicious and the way to safeguard their bookmarks to it . The outstanding alternative to Delicious , at least in my view , is diigo
I was using Delicious as my default bookmarking service . But when I started using Diigo , I discovered how more advanced and more interactive it is . Here are some features Diigo has in addition to the basic features of social bookmarking it shares with Delicious :
Highlighting and annotation : In Diigo , you can highlight parts of the webpage you bookmark and send the provided annotation link to share it with others .
Sticky notes : What makes Diigo interactive is the feature to add sticky notes to your bookmarks and share them with others who may add their comment to the sticky notes .
Saving to groups : In addition to the possibility to save your bookmarks to your library , you can share them with the Diigo groups you belong to .
Bookmark images and notes : With Diigo, you can bookmark images and notes and save them to your image and notes rubrics in your library .
Sending to blogs : In addition to the possibility to send your bookmarks to your social networks such as Facebook , Twitter , linkedin , Diigo allows you to send them to your blogs and a different social bookmarking service such as Delicious .
For these dynamic features , I think Diigo is the most outstanding alternative to Delicious .



palwashasajjad said...

hi sir, i am impressed with your knowledge and skills thanks for sharing this information.

Robert Elliott said...

Hello Mbarek! Thanks for this great tip. We may need to migrate our social bookmarking tool in future classes!

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