Mashpedia as a search engine !

To take part in the discussion on search engines going on on nicenet , I 'd like to present this search tool I found interesting . Mashpedia allows you to explore topics in real time , aggregating results from different social media content services such as twitter , facebook , blogs , videos , books , slides and others .
The results are presented in website interface which allows you to surf from one result to another . If you are interested in video only , you go to the video page and if you are looking for pictures only , the right page to see that of images .

I hope my classmates in webskills course would find it interesting


Reflections... said...

thank you for sharing this website Mashpedia.. I like the book section, but what I liked most is the video category.. I felt as if I was using an iPhone.. very nice..thank you again.

Robert Elliott said...

Hello Mbarek

Mashpedia is a nice additional tool to bring up. Thanks for sharing this. And great looking blog.


hala nur said...

Salam Mbarek
Really a great looking blog and thanks for sharing with us Mashpedia. This is the first time I hear of such a search engine. I think we should have spend more time discussing 'search engines' as everybody seems to have something great to share. Thanks again.

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