Week 1 : Just do it !

To tell you the truth , I have always avoided creating a blog to talk about myself or what I do !The blogs I had created were about some activities or materials for my students or resources to share with my colleagues . I sometimes claim that talking about myself would make me big headed . But the truth is that I am not skillful enough to do it well . As far as I remember , I 'have always been a terrible story teller and reporter even in my mother tongue !!!
Now with Webskills e-Teacher course where creating a reflecting blog is a part of the assignments , I have no choice but to take this adventure and to talk about what I do in the course every week .
What motivates me more is that I learned that blogging on my reflections will be very useful and beneficial to me as it will encourage me to look back through my practices in the course and scan them for my strengths which I will have to reinforce and my drawbacks which I will have to avoid . Please don't worry , I will do my best to do the task appropriately . Perhaps this course will turn me into a skillful blogger . Who knows ? :-)


Anonymous said...

reading your post is interesting. it has great humor in it. i think we have some common personalities.. i guess.
hope to be in touch throughout.


Marine Chalauri said...

Mbarek you seem quite experienced as you have done blogging before.No doubt you will do fine. I'd like to tell you that talking about yourself is not being big headed. Sometimes we must show others what we can do, otherwise how can we teach?


Mbarek said...

Thank you Shiha and Marine for your kind words .We certainly have many points in common the least of them is the willingness to improve our web skills through this course.
You are right Marina ,sometimes you must tell others about yourself and experiences . That helps to discover oneself and gives others an opportunity to know who you are .

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