Google or not google ?

What makes google my favorite search engine is its ability to bring me a big amount of results in a lapse of time . However these results though rich and various , remain not well classified and I sometimes stumble upon undesirable things in them .When I use google to look for a document for instance , google is likely to bring me results which contain many things other than what I am looking for and I will need to filter these results so as to select the ones I need .This fact makes using specialized search engines very advisable . For this reason I made a compilation of the best 10 document search engines I was able to find online and shared it on my blog allsharing
The list contains the following document search engines :
I hope you would find them interesting


shiha14 said...

Hello Mbarek,
First of all i would like to comment on the creativity of your blog and the posts. each week's depiction is really unique. Keep it up!

coming back to the post, its really a good job you have done. and it is very helpful when searching information from the internet.

Thank you for sharing


Hello Mbarek,
Thanks for sharing all this useful info on sites we can all use.

Elsa Perez said...

Hello Mbarek,

I like your blog. I see you have some experience doing this. I really appreciate the links you shared. I checked some and they are very useful.

I have also taken a look to your other blogs, very interesting. How do you keep your students motivated to learn English?


delaserna said...

try another one of this PDF Finder

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